Pirates of the Caribbean, Collectors Edition



Fully assembled (With legs on & Backbox up)

Height = 74.50”

Width = 28.75”

Depth = 55.50”

Weight – 350 pounds

In stock



Features of the Game:

  • Original concept game design by Pat Lawlor
  • Original art design by John Youssi
  • Special plaque signed by Pat Lawlor, John Youssi, and Jersey Jack
  • The first-ever pinball machine to feature Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, and additional player capabilities through a smart phone
  • Special attract mode animation for Limited Edition
  • 3-D interactive projected image
  • Illuminated cityscape back panel
  • Innovative swiveling LCD mount
  • 3 flying drones
  • Animated robot
  • Moving animated target
  • Upper playfield ball play
  • Hidden trap door
  • Low-profile bottom arch with removable instruction card reader brackets
  • Multiple shot subway system
  • Plunger skill shot feature
  • Multiple ball game play
  • 3 ball lock multi-ball play
  • 5 magnet assemblies that enhance ball movement and game play
  • Owner adjustable outlane posts
  • Numbered (pick your favorite number, subject to availability)
  • Premium Clear Coated Playfield
  • Shaker Motor
  • Standard size cabinet.
  • 27″ HD LCD featuring full color animation and visual integration of game features
  • RGB-LED Playfield lightning
  • 5 speaker 2.1 stereo surround sound
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Stainless Steel Armor
  • More Details to follow
  • **Features are Subject to Change**
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Premium Clear Coated Playfield

One Year Warranty